Hyperions’ wide range of analytical lab equipment products extends from High-end Mass Spectrometers, GC, LC, Atomic Absorption, UV-VIS, ELSD, Process Monitoring Systems, New Technology, Gas Generators, Laboratory Furniture’s to Vials, Columns, and Certified standards.


Software plays an essential role in today’s laboratory environment, from instrument control to interpretation of data and final reports. Hyperions sells and supports a number of software applications and tools that will add value to your current workflow, and open up for new applications in your laboratory.

Help desk

At Hyperions, we acknowledge the essential need for fast and professional support wheater it is for service, training, consultancy or support. Our experience tells us that the interaction between costumers and our staff will lead to a long-term relationship with a beneficial outcome for both parties.

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Customer focus

We put the customer first! We believe in providing a personal and individual service and are dedicated in customer support.


Our warehouse is filled with products. We are just waiting to expedite your order. Fast and accurate.


Besides our professional knowledge in analytical lab equipment, we are dedicated to customers success and know what’s needed to be successful.