Hyperions offer a range of courses either as purely theoretical training in the classroom or combined with hands-on training in the laboratory.

All our courses are focussed on the practical use of the various analytical methods and disciplines, and tailored to the experience and background of the participants.

The courses are held at our facility in Copenhagen or other major cities or in your own lab. The official language is Danish, Norwegian, English or German. Please feel free to contact us for special request or other information regarding education and training.

Practical courses:

  • Introduction to LC-MS
  • Introduction to LC-MS/MS
  • Introduction to GC
  • Introduction to GC-MS
  • Advanced LC-MS/MS
  • Introduction to LC-TOF
  • HPLC maintenance
  • MS maintenance.

Classroom courses:

  • General organic chemistry
  • Introduction to MALDI
  • Introduction to MALDI & SIMS imaging
  • Interpretation of mass spectra
  • HPLC/UHPLC theory
  • Fundamentals of Q-Tof/Orbitrap
  • Chemical calculations
  • Validation
To find out more about our training courses, please contact us.


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