Nitrogen Generator 70 L/min

Nitrogen Generator for two LC-MS system

A recent test by a major MS manufacturer reported an increase in MS sensitivity using the extremely dry nitrogen obtained from the NGC35 unit. Same techniques as used in NG35 is used on the NG70 unit to produce nitrogen.
MS Engineering (a division of Mass Spec Service Solutions) series of nitrogen generators provide year in, year out reliable and inexpensive nitrogen for all ESI-MS and other lab applications

How is it done?

Dry oil free compressed air is passed through a 5 micron filter removing particulates and then to one of two alternately CMS* (carbon molecular sieve) filled tanks absorbing oxygen from the air. The tanks alternately discharge to a third reservoir tank to supply the instrument with a continuous flow of pressure regulated dry nitrogen. Units are available with or without a compressor according to lab facilities.



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