GC Systems

Hi GC is a new Gas Chromatograph series of budget friendly high-quality GC systems from.


  • Hyperions-GC9020-200-x-200Hi-GC9020-for-webThe most advanced GC in our Hi GC Series

  • Hyperions-GC9010-200-x-200Hi-GC9010-for-web

    The simplest gas chromatograph in our Hi GC Series.


  • Hyperiond-GC9010II-200-x-200Hi-GC9010-II-for-web

    The most popular GC from Hyperions

  • Hyperions--GC9010+-200-x-200Hi-GC9010+-for-web

    Only carries gas EPC, other similar with/superior to Hi GC 9010 II

  • HI-AS9000-web-pic


    GC Autosampler

  • Headspace-web-pic


    Headspace Autosamplers

  • GC_Columns-200-x-200-

    GC-Logo-for-webGC Columns from MEGA