GC Columns Dimensions Available

Completely customize your product, selecting all combinations of sizes and also asking for out-of-catalog configurations. Since 1980 we develop ad-hoc solutions for your specific analytical problem. We are able to even tune the selectivity of the stationary phase to respond to particular exigences.

All our stationary phases are available for FAST, Conventional, Wide-Bore and Multidimensional-GC (including GCxGC solutions and kits). Discover moreover our MEGA-DEX chiral columns, our MEGA-HT High Temperature columns and other unique and special products.

*: the maximum film thickness depends also on the stationary phase type

Products Highlight
  • MEGA-Columns-Metal-350-120
  • Metal MTX capillary columns for high temperature GC (up to 420°C
    with our HT stationary phases). You can require almost every stationary
    phase (even not HT) to be coated onto the high inertness metal capillary
    tubing. Contact us to have more details and to forward your requests.
  • MEGA-Columns-WAX-plus-350-120
  • MEGA-WAX Plus and MEGA-FFAP EXT columns, two new Carbowax
    phases. MEGA-WAX Plus column is an high stable PEG phase (270°C
    max temperature) excellent also for GC-MS analysis, truly equivalent to
    InnoWax columns.
    MEGA-FFAP EXT column is a Crossbonded version of the well known
    MEGA-ACID (FFAP) phase with also an extended working temperature range.
  • MEGA-Columns-2D-350-120
  • MEGA-2D single column, a revolutionary unique tubing column coated with two in series different stationary phases for GCxGC and MDGC applications. No connections are needed. Contact us to have more
    information and discover all the advantages of the MEGA-2D technology also applied to conventional-GC.
  • MEGA-Columns-DEX-FAST-350-120
  • FAST Chiral MEGA-DEX columns line; today you can speed up your
    chiral GC separations with the most complete line of FAST-GC chiral
    columns. Contact us to have more info and application notes.


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