L-3000 Binary Autosampling HPLC System

RIGOL L-3000 binary autosampling HPLC System is designed in accordance with UHPLC standard: with an outstanding operating pressure limit 9,000 psi; high-precision injector drive-unit provides excellent accuracy and linearity.
This product owns independent intellectual property rights, all of the key units/modules are of autonomous design and manufacturing. Performance of the entire system reaches advanced world level.

  • Up to 9000PSI operational pressure. Higer working pressure extends the dynamic range in the application of chromatographic analysis, and improves the durability and reliability of the entire system.
  • Up to 2.5 AU linear range of the detector, allows accurate analysis for widely varying sample concentrations, either with high concentrated substance(s) or trace component(s).
  • Up to 100Hz data sampling rate, allows sharper peak(s) detection and enables ultra fast analysis.
  • As low as 5×10-9 g/mL detection limit, creating higher sensitivity with lower noise floor.
  • Proprietary automatic solvent-compressibility compensation and pulsation dampening technologies enable excellent analysis reproducibility.
  • Patented propulsion technology and ultrafine NC processing provide excellent system durability.
  • User-friendly HPLC workstation, complies with the FDA 21 CFR Part 11, GLP, GMP regulations.

The professional product definition proprietary design, solid performance and intuitive user interface make the RIGOL L-3000 series HPLC ideal for widely varying applications from pharmaceutical analysis and food safety to environmental monitoring and much more.




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