High Mass Q-ToF


High mass QToF converted to 32kDa range quadrupole to allow native MS analyses.

The interest in macromolecular complexes has increased dramatically in recent years. The study of intact proteins and their function in non-covalently bound complexes is providing more information about complicated biological systems. Large protein complexes can be transferred into the gas phase intact using nano-electrospray ionisation and their stoichiometry investigated using mass spectrometry.



With the High Mass Upgrade you will be able to:

  • Select and acquire ions up to 32 000 m/z compared to the standard cut off of 4000 m/z. This means that large macromolecules such as GroEL, which is 800 kDa can be analysed
  • Study large non-covalently bound complexes with maximum transmission and stability due to the fitting of a localised sleeve around the source hexapole.
  • Perform MS/MS experiments on large complexes even at high collision energies to attain the most amount of information.

The High Mass Upgrade package contains a high mass transmitting rf coil, pressure sleeve for the source hexapole and modifications to the gas cell to increase the collision gas pressure to allow full thermalisation of large macromolecules. The package is fitted by a specially trained engineer with a minimum of instrument downtime. No modification to software is necessary. The High Mass Upgrade is available for Waters Q-TOF series instruments. This product can also be delivered as a complete instrument, factory upgraded.


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