Process, Research & Environmental MS systems

ESS are a world class manufacturer of high quality Process, Research and Environmental Mass Spectrometer systems with a global reputation for quality, fit-for-purpose instrumentation that they have been developed and designed by listening to customers, and creating a product range that match the demands of the respective applications.

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    FermenTorr from ESS offers the very latest in Mass Spectrometry and vacuum technology, and has been designed specifically for sampling and controlling Fermentation processes

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    CatalySys can be operated from a local PC, or connected into an Ethernet network hub, or wireless connection for remote operation. With its ultra-fast response time of just 120mS, true real time monitoring ensures that all process events are captured

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    Semiconductor & Thin Film

    ReacTorr-S is a dedicated system for monitoring Semiconductor processes. Detection levels are in the low ppb range, and an automated inlet automatically senses and adjusts to changes in the process pressure, meaning that all phases of the Semiconductor process are monitored

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    PharmaSys from ESS has been designed for fast, online monitoring of solvent vapours, other gases and additional parameters in pharmaceutical applications

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    Vacuum Process 

    The ReacTorr-V system from ESS is a new system developed for vacuum process applications, and is unique in that it offers true, real time monitoring throughout the entire vacuum process.  An automated inlet senses changes in the process pressure, and adjusts itself to maintain the correct pressure in the analyser housing

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    Pure Gas/Mix & Food Grade

    UltraTrace PPT is the flagship instrument of our range, and gives unsurpassed levels of sensitivity and accuracy. It has been designed specifically for ultra-low level detection of VOC’s and other organic components. With a concentration time of just 2 minutes, detection levels of 100ppt are achieved

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    EcoSys-P from ESS represents the very latest in Mass Spectrometer and vacuum technology, and has been specifically designed to fulfil the requirements of a wide range of Environmental monitoring applications.  Housed in a rugged case, EcoSys-P has the portability to be operated practically anywhere

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    Industrial Pro. & Safety

    EnviroSafe  systems from ESS detect, track and monitor real time leakages and process issues of Hazardous substances, and with their multiple sample point capability, enable monitoring of the whole plant from a single system

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    Insight from ESS offers high performance instrumentation for all RGA / UHV applications, and has a choice of three mass ranges, these being 1-200 amu, 1-300amu and a specialist 1-6 amu model for He/ D2 studies

  • ThermaSys-web-pic


    ThermaSys is a true on-line MS system designed specifically for TGA-DSC applications, and offers maximum performance within a compact, space saving cabinet which allows the system to be placed near to the TGA Apparatus