EcoCat offers the very latest in Mass Spectrometry and vacuum technology and has been specifically designed to offer the user higher levels of performance, speed and flexibility than ever before. Housed in a rugged, space saving suitcase, EcoCat is ideal for applications where there is a need to move the instrument between processes.

Featuring an Ethernet interface connection, EcoCat can be operated from a local PC, or connected into an Ethernet network hub, or wireless connection for remote operation.

With its ultra-fast response time of just 120mS, true real time monitoring ensures that all process events are captured, and with two fused silica inlets as standard, events can be monitored before and after the catalytic process, allowing for greater monitoring and control of the efficiency of the Catalyst. Up to 64 individual gas species can be monitored on-line, and a wide dynamic range (ppb to high percentage levels) ensure full process data capture.

The vacuum system is equipped with full safety interlocks and is controlled via a panel on the EcoCat.

EcoCat has been designed with in-built reliability and is equipped with an oil free vacuum system. Easy access to all components is achieved by simply opening the case.

Options include low flow inlets.



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