Environmental monitoring

The need for Environmental monitoring and control has never been so important. Governments worldwide are lowering emissions controls targets, and the need to demonstrate compliance is increasing. Furthermore, the monitoring of emissions may lead to improvements in process performance.

Mass Spectrometry is the most versatile, convenient technique for these applications. With the ability to monitor virtually any gas species in real time, capability to identify unknowns, and with the flexibility of a field power pack in a convenient portable package, these systems really do allow you take the laboratory with you.

Products for Environmental Monitoring & Control
  • EcoSys-web-pic


    EcoSys-PT from ESS represents the very latest in Mass Spectrometer and vacuum technology, and has been specifically designed to fulfil the requirements of a wide range of Environmental monitoring applications

  • UltraTrace-web-pic


    UltraTrace PP is the flagship instrument of our range, and gives unsurpassed levels of sensitivity and accuracy. It has been designed specifically for ultra-low level detection of VOC’s and other organic components

  • Poer-Pack-web-pic

    Field Power Pack

    The Field Power Pack from ESS is a useful add-on option to the EcoSys-PT system, particularly in applications where there is little mains power available

  • LiqTorr-web-pic


    The LiquiTorr liquids analysis is an add-on option for our EcoSys-P and other products in our range, and enables the user to conduct real time quantitative measurement of dissolved or evolved gases and vapours in liquid samples



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