EnviroSafe systems from ESS detect, track and monitor real time leakages and process issues of Hazardous substances, and with their multiple sample point capability, enable monitoring of the whole plant from a single system.

All sample points are continuously pumped, ensuring that ‘fresh’ sample arrives at the mass spectrometer when a particular sample point is selected. With a comprehensive, automated report generation suite within the software and full integration into the plant control software, completely unmanned operation is possible.
A fast response time of just 0.2s, coupled with a wide dynamic range from ppb levels to percentage ensures that true real time monitoring and control is achieved, and with an ATEX housing option, the system can be placed anywhere on-plant.
Capable of monitoring virtually any gas species, EnviroSafe is the definitive, cost effective solution to on-plant monitoring of Hazardous species, including volatiles, flammables and chlorinated compounds.



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