PharmaSys from ESS has been designed for fast, online monitoring of solvent vapours, other gases and additional parameters in pharmaceutical applications. Housed within an ATEX enclosure (optional), the instrument can be positioned directly within the hazardous area, and with an ultra-fast response time of just 0.2S, PharmaSys gives increased control and efficiency of drying processes, leading to a reduction in drying times of up to 60%. Up to 10 individual driers may be monitored with PharmaSys, making it the instrument of choice for applications such as:

  • Solvent drying
  • Freeze drying
  • Gas scrubber / abatement systems
  • VOC and BTX monitoring applications

The high sensitivity membrane inlet gives PharmaSys a wide dynamic range of single ppb levels to 100%, and the high quality reporting suite is compatible with six-sigma modelling in generating process quality improvements, making it the system of choice in Pharmaceutical applications.



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