Pure Gas / Gas Mixtures/ Food Grade Gases

Monitoring of trace impurities in pure gases and mixtures is becoming increasingly important, as the industry sectors that these products serve continues to grow, with each sector bringing different requirements and standards for product quality.

From high purity gases demanded by the Semiconductor industry, food grade gases such as CO2 for the food and beverage market, to gas mixtures e.g. Diving Gases, ESS has a wealth of experience and give you products that will ensure the most stringent quality standards are met. We offer two systems for this application sector, these being the GasTrace and the UltraTrace-PPT, the latter being our flagship instrument for instances where there is requirement to measure impurities in the low parts per trillion (PPT) ranges.


UltraTrace PPT is the flagship instrument of our range, and gives unsurpassed levels of sensitivity and accuracy. It has been designed specifically for ultra-low level detection of VOC’s and other organic components. With a concentration time of just 2 minutes, detection levels of 100ppt are achieved.

UltraTrace PPT uses a linked hybrid technique, combining the class-leading EcoSys-P Mass Spectrometer with a Thermal Desorber (for maximum flexibility, the EcoSys-P can be easily removed for operation as a stand-alone instrument), this allows for the rapid pre-concentration of sample gas before subsequent injection into the Mass Spectrometer. UltraTrace PPT can be configured to accept numerous sample points.

Application areas include:

  • Ambient air VOC’s
  • Fugitive Emissions
  • Contamination monitoring in Food/ Medical Grade / Diving gases
  • Personnel Exposure monitoring to Hazardous Chemicals


GasTrace systems from ESS have been specifically designed for pure gas and gas mixture impurity monitoring, and offer the highest levels of performance coupled with powerful, easy to use software.

With its capability to monitor from several on-plant gas streams and coupled with an ultra-fast response time of just 120mS, GasTrace gives fast, accurate analysis of multiple components (up to 64) in real time.

PPB level detection for most components ensures the highest standards of continuous quality control and is an ideal solution for the following application areas:

  • Trace impurity measurement in pure gases and mixturesgas1
  • Diving gases
  • Gas feedstock
  • ASU monitoring and control
  • Mixture ratios
  • Scrubber / Purifier efficiency
  • Semiconductor gases
  • Cylinder fill QA
  • With full reporting suite software, a historical analysis of the plant performance is achieved.

GasTrace is a highly cost effective solution and reduces the requirement for numerous discrete analysers significantly.

ESS is proud to have worked with several leading packaged gas suppliers in bringing you this product dedicated to your application field.



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