InSight from ESS offers high performance instrumentation for all RGA / UHV applications, and has a choice of three mass ranges, these being 1-200 amu, 1-300amu and a specialist 1-6 amu model for He/ D2 studies.

Constructed from the highest quality materials, the open mesh, UHV ion source has very low outgassing characteristics, precision mass filter and dual Faraday / Channeltron detectors.

A comprehensive, easy to use software package is packed with powerful features, and multiple units can be operated from a single control PC, and the instrument benefits from full control of ion source parameters. InSight is ideally suited to the following applications, and can be integrated into low budget systems, please contact us for further information.

  • Surface science
  • MBE studies
  • High Vacuum
  • High vacuum studies
  • Materials characterisation
  • Leak Detection
  • UHV applications
  • Synchrotrons



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