The ReacTorr-S from ESS is a compact Mass Spectrometer System, combining the very latest in Mass Spectrometry and vacuum technology to bring a dedicated system for Semiconductor processes.

Detection levels are in the low ppb range, and an automated inlet automatically senses and adjusts to changes in the process pressure, meaning that all phases of the Semiconductor process are monitored.

With a footprint of just 30×30 cm, the system can be mounted directly on to, or as close as possible to, the process tool, a fast response to changes in the process is achieved, and it’s space-saving design ensures minimal occupation of clean room space. Ethernet connection means that the instrument can be operated from virtually any location, and the system is suitable for the following applications:

  • CVD
  • Wafer outgassing
  • Pumpdown profiling
  • Ion implant
  • Baseline RGA
  • Etch
  • Leak Testing
  • Process Gas Purity
  • Vacuum monitoring
  • Transfer chamber monitoring

ReacTorr-STM is particularly suited to cluster tool processes due to its compact footprint. To get total control of your process, saving time and money.



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