The ReacTorr-V system from ESS is a new system developed for vacuum process applications, and is unique in that it offers true, real time monitoring throughout the entire vacuum process. An automated inlet senses changes in the process pressure, and adjusts itself to maintain the correct pressure in the analyser housing. Its wide dynamic range means that the system is suitable to monitor processes at any pressure between Atmospheric (1000mbar and 10E-9mbar).
With detection levels in the low parts per billion range, and a compact, low footprint design (just 30x30cm) means that ReacTorr-V can be connected either directly to or adjacent to the vacuum process tool, and enhance the integrity of the process, maximising up time and yield.

Suitable applications include:

  • Baseline RGA Monitoring
  • Glass Coating / Special TreatmentsFreeze Drying
  • Solar panel research and manufacture
  • Materials outgassing studies
  • Vacuum Coating
  • Vacuum Heat Treatment
  • Sputter Coating
  • Thin Film applications



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