MiniSims ToF

The MiniSIMS ToF has a superior level of performance for probing the unknown, investigating smaller surface features and extracting more information from organic samples. The implementation of a time-of flight (ToF) mass spectrometer therefore takes the MiniSIMS concept to a new level of performance.

The ability to detect the unexpected as easily as the known components means the MiniSIMS ToF is well suited to research applications. In failure analysis, for example contamination identification, additional detail is revealed to help pinpoint the exact cause of the problem.

The ToF spectrometer analyses all elements and organic species simultaneously, making much more efficient use of sample material. The improved efficiency allows full analysis of smaller surface features. In this mode, the quality of organic spectra is particularly enhanced.

Higher quality data, together with an extended spectral mass range and resolution, reveals much more detailed information on organic materials for use in matching to library spectra. The MiniSIMS ToF can also separate common organic and elemental interferences, giving added clarity and lower detection limits.

The design again features ease of use and compact size. Despite the increased processing capability, operation of the instrument is further simplified, with fewer decisions to be made before experimental data acquisition starts. Complete three dimensional data is always stored and is available for subsequent evaluation whenever required. The “collect everything” philosophy costs no more in terms of sample ion dose yet affords the user comprehensive “retrospective analysis” of the data, independent of the availability of the sample at a later date.


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