MiniSims alpha

The MiniSIMS alpha is a cost effective instrument in research or process optimisation, for fast analysis of a specific surface property or repetitive analysis of multiple samples. It is the entry-level instrument for the MiniSIMS family, offering fast and simple operation with wide-ranging analysis capability.

This high-throughput instrument is ideal for situations where a specific aspect of the sample is to be investigated. It is a highly effective method for monitoring quality by assessment against a known standard, or for comparative analysis of many samples in research or process optimisation. In such situations, pre-set analysis conditions mean that reproducible data can be acquired by many different operators. Typical analysis times are as short as five minutes per sample.

The MiniSIMS alpha is designed to allow surface, imaging and depth profiling modes of operation in one instrument. This is in contrast to other more expensive SIMS instruments, which are typically optimised either for static SIMS analysis of the extreme surface or depth profiling of the sub-surface region.

An auxiliary electron gun can be fitted to extend analysis to insulating samples. As with all MiniSIMS features, operation is automated and straightforward.
For larger or multiple samples, the enhanced sample stage can accomodate a 31 position carousel for programmed data acquisition or a single sample can be inserted up to 100mm diameter.

The MiniSIMS alpha is based on a quadrupole mass analyser with mass range 300 Da and unit mass resolution and the system has been designed to be able to obtain full range mass spectra for both positive and negative secondary ion polarities within the static SIMS limit


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